2nd Annual Lindner Media Big Fish Excursion

October 12th - October 17th


Lindner Media is proud to work with the finest manufactures in their category, and we feel this group make up the finest minds and personalities in the fishing business. They way things work these days, everyone is running here and there and our time spent together is often in a conference room, convention center or on the phone. It’s time we spend some quality time on the water. We want to invite you to fishing paradise, Eagle Lake in NW Ontario. We had the opportunity to film out of this location and it’s the place to be.

Our objective is simple, great group of people together and spend some quality time on the water. With a group like this we have tremendous opportunity to create co-branded content for everyone's will benefit. We will have the scenery, the fish, the product, the people and the cameras to get some great things done.

Big Fish Paradise

Last year we fished out of Eagle Lake Island Lodge and netted some great fish.  Walleyes, northern pike and muskies are all just a just a short ride away from the island. 

Fishing comes first on the agenda and Eagle Lake fishing is tops.  Some of the the best structure, bays and reefs are within eye sight of the dock and main lodge. 

Eagle Lake Island Brewing and Main Lodge


Eagle Lake Island Lodge not only is centered in big fish paradise but also has a local micro tap caft brewery on sight. The open bar is included in the pricing and the main lodge is outfitted with - wife, satellite tv, pool table, shuffle board and darts.   

Pricing and details -

  • $275 per night, per person + 13% (GST/HST Tax)

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Lodging
  • Bait
  • 3 meals per day
  • Open Bar - Brew Pub located on the island
    • addtional $25 per day to use our boat
  • Plan on fishing with the Lindner Crew at least one day, Jeremy will work on scheduling who and when.

$300 deposit is required for each guest booking.  Guests can also pay in full at time of booking.

To Book your spot for the conference click here.

Speak with General Manager Andy Grebe for any specific questions about the island.

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